Hear it from the expert – why hair and make-up trials are important, and how to make the most of it!

Hear it from the expert – why hair and make-up trials are important, and how to make the most of it!

Hear it from the expert – why hair and make-up trials are important, and how to make the most of it!

The hair and make-up trial is one of the most disregarded items on a bride’s to do list. Whilst you may see it as another expense, by scheduling a trial in with your hair and make-up artist you are unknowingly doing yourself a favour!

As a bride-to-be, you might have ideas of what bridal look you are after, or you might be completely clueless. Regardless of which one, you want to feel the most beautiful on your wedding day.

Fareha recommends the following tips to all her upcoming brides to ensure a successful hair and make-up trial.

Do your research

This one is blatantly obvious, but is often overlooked by brides. Start an inspiration library on your phone and save photos of the make-up and hair-do’s that you like and want on your wedding day, including how you prefer your veil or dupatta to be positioned.

You can select a combination of different ideas, as this will allow Fareha to understand what sort of look you wish to achieve, and that ultimately represents you.

It is quite easy to assume that you will show your artist a photo of a hairstyle or make-up look you like, and hope to end up looking exactly like the model, celebrity or bride in the photo.

Whilst the idea of that sounds great, it doesn’t necessarily result in the same outcome. The reality is that trials are offered for a reason.

It is important to not expect exactly what you see in your inspiration photos. Bear in mind that the model, celebrity or bride in the photo is not you. Don’t forget that your face, skin, complexion and features are different, and each bride is unique. In fact, replicating that make-up and hairstyle on yourself may change the way you feel about that picture you originally loved. Based on the inspiration, Fareha will work to customise the looks you love to suit you.

How far in advance should I book my trial?

Fareha recommends doing your trial about six weeks before the wedding date. It would be ideal that by the time your trial has been booked, you would have purchased your wedding outfit, jewellery and accessories. This is because your wedding outfit and jewellery needs to complement the hair and makeup. In fact, these are the three key elements that will bring your bridal look together.

Fareha will not only work to achieve the best look for you, but will also provide you with advice on a good skin-care regime. Your face will thank you for following a good skin-care regime, as it will ensure a flawless application of make-up on the big day. Based on your skin type, Fareha will recommend a routine for you to follow, and six weeks will be sufficient to prepare your skin just in time for the wedding.

What to bring to the trial?

A trial is basically a practice run for the wedding day. If you don’t have your bridal gown, or jewellery handy, a great tip would be to bring your dupatta or veil. This will not only provide you

with an idea of how you will look on your wedding day, but it will also prepare Fareha in determining what hair accessories (such as inserts, sponges) are required for your hairstyle.

How can I maximise the benefits of having a hair and make-up trial?

Fareha recommends that you schedule your hair and make-up trial and photo shoot with your wedding photographer on the same day.

Allow your photoshoot to explore different settings so you can be exposed to different settings such as day light to artificial lights. This will be beneficial in determining how you feel about your hair and make-up, once you receive your photographs. Take notes so you can inform Fareha as to whether you felt happy with the hair and make-up look, or whether you would be open to experimenting a different hair and make-up style. Remember, a trial will allow you to explore and compare different looks, which won’t be an option on the wedding day itself. Makeup 101: From coverage to touch-ups!

It is often underestimated as to how much make up is required to get the natural glowing bridal look. Your wedding day no doubt will be a long day, and you need to ensure your make-up will be looking picture-perfect. Fareha recommends going for a medium or neutral tones, and then building or experimenting with trends, colours and coverage until you like what you see.

On your wedding day, it is recommended that you include a bridal kit, which should include touch-up colours for lipsticks and blotting powders. That way, you can fix your make-up super quickly during the day if required. During your trail, Fareha will advise you of the selected colours and products required for touch-ups, so you can purchase them before, or on the wedding day from Fareha.


Being in the industry for more than 15 years, Fareha is a professional, and has a vast knowledge of hair, henna, make-up, skin-care and emerging beauty trends. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and/or seek guidance from Fareha, if you aren’t sure about anything during your trial. A trial is a great opportunity for you to experiment different styles until you are comfortable and happy with the desired bridal hair and make-up look. To avoid disappointment and have a good experience, you and your make-up artist need to be on the same page, and that can only happen if you communicate!

Most importantly, have fun!

From experience, Fareha has witnessed brides stress out and most often, this stress is caused by non-other than our nearest and dearest. Try to avoid bringing mums, sisters, friends or relatives who are too opinionated. You are the one that needs to be comfortable in your entire get-up, so just relax and enjoy the experience!

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