The sprint to radiant, glowing wedding – ready skin!

The sprint to radiant, glowing wedding – ready skin!

The sprint to radiant, glowing wedding – ready skin!

Have you heard the saying that your make-up looks only as good as your skin?

Well it’s said for a reason. Contrary to the fact that make-up conceals and covers imperfections, the reality is no make-up will look good on skin that has not been taken good care of.

For every make-up artist, having the perfect canvas will result in a flawless face. A good skin care and beauty regime will do wonders to how your make-up will look on your wedding day. So, don’t let your skin slip through the stress of wedding preparations! Continue reading for Fareha’s top tips to take your skin-care and beauty regime to the next level!

And your time starts now!

Fareha suggests that you commence your routine as soon as possible, preferably 6 months in advance of your wedding day. Giving your skin and body time to respond to changes resulting from a beauty regime is important. This allows for your skin to overcome any side effects that may happen during the process, such as breakouts. Starting early will also give you the luxury of time to replace any products if you are not achieving the results you are after.

Get into the good habits, like removing make-up at night

Ditch the laziness! If you are someone who is giving beauty sleep priority over clean skin then hold it right there! Although sleep is important, you don’t want all those make-up products seeping into your skin at night. Even if you’ve had a long night out and you are exhausted, ensure you use make-up remover wipes to remove the make-up and your skin will thank you for it!

…but it doesn’t end there…

Using a make-up remover wipe is a good start, but is not sufficient to ensure your face is clean. You still want to cleanse, in the morning and at night, to catch any makeup you may have missed with that make-up wipe!

Fareha highly recommends exfoliating your skin as well, at least once or twice a week. Do not exfoliate every day it can take its toll on your skin especially if it’s sensitive. Exfoliating your skin, really helps give your skin a deep cleanse it needs.

Another key skincare product you must use on your face is a moisturiser. There are so many different types of moisturisers in the market, including day and night moisturisers, catering for different skin types (whether it is oily, combination, dry or sensitive). Fareha recommends trying samples to see which moisturiser is perfect for you before purchasing. One pump of your preferred moisturiser is more than enough to nourish your skin.

Most importantly, wear SPF, even when it’s cloudy!

You want to ensure you are using sunscreen (SPF), as above all this is probably the most important product to apply to your face daily. Don’t forget that no amount of makeup or plain moisturizer will protect your skin from the sun. Sun damage cannot be reversed if you do not protect your skin with SPF. Many cosmetics in the market include SPF, which is an added bonus, however for those of you who don’t prefer to wear make-up all the time, sunscreen/SPF is definitely a must. Include it in your daily beauty regime to prevent any premature aging.


Treat yourself occasionally, with a face mask. Masks are great for someone who wears a lot of makeup as it really clears out those pores. If you’re into the homemade masks, there are some fantastic recipes available on the internet. Fareha can also recommend you face masks made from home/natural ingredients.

Laser hair removal

Facial hair can result in your make-up looking shadowy in photos. If you are currently removing facial hair with methods such as waxing and threading, book in a consultation with a laser hair removal clinic. Fareha suggests to all her clients to opt in for laser hair removal. It is a safe, almost painless, and an effective way to drastically reduce hair growth not just on the face but almost everywhere!

The next level of beauty – Reviv Vitaglow Infusions

Fareha has recently been experimenting Vitaglow Infusions with Reviv Sydney, and highly recommends this treatment for those who dare to go to the next level of beauty. These infusions really help bring the glow back onto the skin, which is absolutely essential leading up to a big occasion such as your wedding! The Vitaglow infusion is an anti-ageing IV therapy loaded with glutathione, an ingredient which is naturally produced in the body.

This treatment is great for detoxification against free radicals, impurities, and for rejuvenation of the skin and body. This infusion restores hydration, cleanses vital organs, and prevents and reverses the effects of free radicals. The Vitaglow infusion is best for skin (including skin-brightening), hair and nail health, cosmetic rejuvenation and overall wellness. Infusions are safe, and are conducted under medical staff supervision. Generally, each treatment takes approximately 30 minutes to deliver.

Mention Fareha from Fareha Bridal Studio when you book your next Infusion with Reviv Sydney, and you will be eligible for a better package and priority service!

You can read more about the infusions on

Back to basics

Whilst it is important to have all the external elements of skincare, your beauty regime is incomplete without the internal elements, such as staying hydrated, having a healthy diet with of fresh fruits and vegetables, having a good night’s sleep, and regular exercise. These elements complement each other and will give you the optimum skincare results.

So what are you waiting for? Book in a consultation with Fareha to ensure you have your beauty regime down-packed to put your best face forward for the most important day of your life!

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